Boban Knezevic: Crni cvet


4th Serbian edition of Black Blossom is available now in bookstores of South-Eastern Europe, published by Everest media. Check their site for list of bookstores. [more]

Boban Knezevic: Slutnja androida


Forthcoming. First 25 years of Boban's writing have been collected into this thick volume, 2nd extended edition. Some first time published stories are surprising even for
Boban's longtime fans.

Boban Knezevic: Black Blossom


Eminent U.S. based publisher of SF&F, Prime Books, has released English version of Black Blossom. You can buy your hard or trade paperback copy today through Shocklines, Clarkesworld Books or . [more]

Emerald City BB review says : "Black Blossom is not only a fantasy story that goes back to the folk tale roots of the genre (as opposed to only as far back as Tolkien). It also takes the time to examine the role and character of its hero. That is the sort of fantasy book I want to encourage". Read whole review... (Issue #112 - December 2004)

Publisher's Weekly BB review says: [...] Knezevic's novel takes the form of a postmodern sword-and-sorcery adventure to comment insightfully on the nature of heroism and aggression. [...] (January 2005 issue)


Boban Knezevic

Black Blossom is a genuinely magical story with the timeless qualities of legends and fairytales. Written with sophistication and elegance, it poses necessary questions about the traditional hero, the man of strength and valour."
-�K.J. Bishop [for 1st U.S. edition]


Not so improbable any more, since the rumors of first draft of the script are confirmed... [more]


Some sections are still under construction.

Please, check back in late January.


Boban's page at Prime Books site

Boban Knezevic's page at Prime Books

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